Vincent van Gogh Photo Award 2022 engels

Through the eyes of Van Gogh

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Sign up to join the competition

Step 2

Pay your ‘charity’ registration fee

Step 3

Submit your photos digitally

Thanks to: van Gogh Museum – Amsterdam, Visit Breda, Provincie Brabant, Gemeente Nuenen, Vincentre – Nuenen, van Gogh Village en het Sint Lucas – Boxtel

This year's theme:


Think‘out of the box’ like Vincent van Gogh did at the time and surprise everyone! Let the camera be your brush and join in!

You can participate from March 30 2022 to March 30, 2023.

2nd place
Vincent Photo Awards
€ 500,-
Student Awards
€ 250,-
1st place
Vincent Photo Awards
€ 1000,-
Student Awards
€ 500,-
3rd place
Vincent Photo Awards
€ 250,-
Student Awards
€ 100,-

Winners 2021

Student Award

This edition, in addition to the Vincent van Gogh Photo Award, there will also be a competition for students. The theme of this competition is ‘Colorful Portraits’.

Only students can participate in the Student Award, and SintLucas students must register with their personal SintLucas email address.

This competition is co-organized by SintLucas.

Vincent van Gogh Photo Award