‘The Vincent van Gogh Photo Award’ is a photo award in which a subscriber has registered using “double opt-in “*

‘The Vincent Van Gogh Photo Award’, regards the regulations surrounding electronic mailings and the Dutch Privacy legislation a high priority. So we try at all times to prevent spam.

What is Spam?

Spam is defined as  a large amount of e-mail which is sent to recipients who did not explicitly ask for this. All emails in this volume are in content broadly in line with each other and often contain advertisements for products, political thinking and / or propaganda.
Also frequently sending  the same email to a recipient who has not explicitly requested this  is considered spamming. (This applies to both consumers and businesses)

The Vincent van Gogh Photo Award “, will never use the data for any other purposes, nor sell it.
Each subscriber can easily unsubscribe from this list, by passing this information on to us, via the following email address –

*Subscribers must confirm themselves through “double opt-in”

When someone signs up for our AWARD, following initial notification, they still need to register by completing and returning the automatically send  registration mail.
In this way we prevent someone will be placed on the mailing list without their approval.