– The event runs from March 30, 2020 until March 20, 2021
– Participation in this event is open to everyone (amateur and professional).
– By participating in this event one agrees to the rules & terms of this event.
The Foundation reserves the right not to accept participants, if it considers that they do not act in accordance with the award rules and regulations.
– Members and family of the Rotary Club Nuenen may participate but are not eligible for the AWARD.

How to play                                                                                                                                                                

– Through the website – register you can sign up within the period indicated above and upload the photo(s) that meet the conditions. After payment of the charities registration fee, they will compete and be published on the “Vincent Van Gogh Photo Award website. Only submissions that are entered  in this way can be accepted.
– Each participant may submit a maximum of three, in relation to the theme ‘Pure’ (through the eyes of Vincent van  Gogh), self-contained, photos.
– Each participant may submit an unlimited number of entries (with max. 3 photo’s/entry).
– On all entries that are competing for the prizes can be viewed and all the information on this AWARD can be read.


– Each photo must fit within the theme: “PURE” (through the eyes of Vincent van Gogh).
Image Manipulation, given the adding or removing of certain picture elements so that the content of the photo changes, is not allowed. Light editing is allowed.
Only digital photo(s) can be accepted. Each picture file is to be enclosed in RGB, JPG format, of at least 3000 pixels  (longest side), 300 dpi, and a file size of at least 2 MB and preferably not more than 4 MB.
The images should be sent without frames, watermarks or logos.
– The sender claims to be the owner of the photograph(s) and, if applicable, to hold the portrait rights.
– By submitting the sender provides the foundation permission for the photograph(s) (with photographer copyright credit) to be used for the implementation and promotion of this event, without additional compensation.
All photographers retain copyright on their submitted images.
– Pornographic-, sexual-, violent-, and / or offensive material will not be posted. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse these photographs.
Any and all subsequent costs incurred shall be borne by the sender.


– A professional jury reviews all the entries.
– Out of all submitted photos the jury selects the approximately fifty finalists pictures out of which the winners are elected by the jury.
– The finalists and winners will be personally notified via the by them registered-mail address.
– The photos of the finalists and the winners will be published on the website including attribution and jury comments as well as during the “Vincent Van Gogh Photo Award” outdoor exhibition.
– The prizes are not transferable and not redeemable for cash or other products.
– Correspondence about the jury selection- and election motives is not possible.


– The Foundation is not liable for the improper use of the on the site published picture(s) of participants. This includes a possible violation of copyright by competition participants or site visitors.
– The Foundation, and its auxiliary persons or third parties, can not be held liable for any from this event arising actions.
– The Foundation will not be held liable for any damage or injury to property and / or persons as a result of use or use of the prizes awarded
– The Foundation is not responsible or liable for defects of the supplied prices.

Final provisions                                                                                                                                                                

– The Foundation may alter the AWARD rules & terms at any time and may terminate this AWARD at any time.
– The Foundation reserves the right to remove pictures, or participants from the site. For this, the Foundation does need to give a reason.
– The Foundation and its auxiliary persons, preserve the utmost secrecy about the winner until the day of the announcement of the winner.
– Data from participants will be used solely in the context of the “Vincent Van Gogh Photo Award – 2019. This information will not be provided to third parties.
– No part of the contents of this AWARD and / or publication may be reproduced or published without the explicit permission of the Foundation.
– Changes and typos errors reserved.