Sunflower Package


As “Sunflower” you are the headsponsor and you connect your name to the competition & the exhibition.

Your logo will be visible on all expressions of the photo contest and the photo exhibition.
You are also visible on all 50 photos during the 3-week exhibition in the center of Nuenen.

Sponsor contribution:

There are various ways to become the main sponsor. We would be happy to discuss the custom solution for you.

Star Night package


As a “Star” you sponsor the exhibition.

As a sponsor you attach your name to 3 to 30 photos during the exhibition.
Your logo will be clearly displayed along the 3-week exhibition route and on the website

Sponsor contribution:
 3 star package :  listing on   3 photos during the expo: €   150 
 6 star package :  listing on   6 photos during the expo: €   270
12 star package :  listing on 12 photos during the expo: €    510
15 star package :  listing on 15 photos during the expo: €   600
30 star package : listing on 30 photos during the expo: € 1000
In addition, there is the possibility to offer a customized sponsor package based on your specific wishes. We look forward to discuss this with you.