Our judges

Martijn Pronk

Jury chairman - van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam

Martijn Pronk has been working as Head of Communications at the Vincent van Gogh Museum since February 2017. Before that he worked for 10 years at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. For Martijn, the large international group of fans, Vincent’s unique story and digital developments together form a wonderful basis for further expanding the success of the Van Gogh Museum. ‘We want to surprise and inspire people’

Jac Mostert

Photographer & Fotobond Bonds Master class, Delft

Jac Mostert is a jury member representing the Fotobond. Jac is a very experienced photographer with the specialty: “street photography with a historical background in a contemporary setting, in which the unreal reality is captured . He has participated in various exhibitions and lectures about his photography, but also discusses photography of others. He is an experienced jury member and member of the National Group Bondsmeester class.

Peter Verver

Photographer & Lecturer photography SintLucas, Eindhoven

Peter Verver has been an image maker/photographer since 1982 and over the years he has carried out various national and international advertising campaigns for major brands.
Since 2011, he has also been a teacher at the photography and film course at SintLucas in Eindhoven, where he tries to inspire students with his years of experience.

Peter Verver is a jury member representing SintLucas.

Evely Duis

Founder / Owner - Evely Duis Photography, Reusel

Evely Duis graduated excellently in 2014 from SintLucas in Boxtel with a specialization in photography. In September 2014 she started her second photography course. The professional Bachelor course at the Luca School of Arts, Campus Narafi. Here she graduated cum laude in June 2017. With these two studies she got to know many different professional branches in photography.

Ad Vereijken

Photographer and co-owner - Foto ID, Helmond

Ad Vereijken, photographer and a member of Master of Photograpghy Netherlands and his wife Annelies Roskam are the driving forces behind Foto ID. Both have over 20 years of experience in photography and have been joining forces since 2016.
“It remains special to capture the power of emotion or the power of a company in a creative image”
Ad has been training photography students for years.

John Geven

Photographer John Geven, Nuenen

John Geven is a special photographer. He never held a camera. He shoots  Dutch celebrities, sports clubs and private individuals. In 2007 was his first exhibition ‘From Hero to Zero’ in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, followed by the exhibition at Eindhoven University of Technology. He fights for more inclusion.

Michael Graste

Michael Graste Photography, Helmond

A good story touches and convinces. The right images not only enhance that story but also complete the message.

Michael Graste Photography captures your story through his lens.

With over fifteen years of experience as a professional photographer, Michael Graste has worked with luminaries such as Kate Moss, Andre van Duin, and Dafne Schippers. In April, he released his book “Seen and Heard”. And one thing is for sure: Michael is far from done with his entrepreneurial adventures.

Michael has the skill to capture your story using his medium format camera, the Fujifilm GFX100II.

With his expertise in blending studio light with natural daylight, he creates stunning images. The ability to work with both studio light and daylight is a testament to professionalism, as it enables the photographer to achieve optimum lighting in various conditions. Michael specializes in Fashion, People, and Branding categories. His unique approach is immediately recognizable in every image he captures.

Peter van Hout

Photographer Peter van Hout, Helmond

(also known as Peter Woods)

With many years of experience as a photographer, Peter van Hout, internationally known as Peter Woods, has established himself as a master in storytelling through the lens of his camera. Acclaimed as ’the photographer of the stars,’ Peter has photographed an impressive array of celebrities, including Dutch artists and international stars. His talent for capturing unique, personal stories makes every photoshoot unforgettable and deeply resonant.

Peter’s passion extends to expertly capturing the subtle nuances of black-and-white photography, particularly evident in his renowned series on tattoos. This series, titled “Beyond the Surface: The Art of Identity,” not only explores the artistic expression of body art but also tells the personal stories behind the ink, providing a profound insight into individual identity. His works are exhibited in various galleries, where they are appreciated for their emotional depth and visual impact.