Vincent van Gogh Photo Awards 2025

Through the eyes of Van Gogh

The theme for the 5th edition of the VINCENT VAN GOGH PHOTO AWARD is ‘En Route’. Everyone in this world is on a journey. The journey and the destination are very different for each person. Let your creativity run wild, because in every scene and every encounter, there lies an opportunity for a beautiful story. Be inspired as Van Gogh was. See how your photos become evidence of the beauty you encounter along the way.
Participate in this photo contest and have a chance to win the grand prize of 1000 euros. Participation starts from 15 euros, and all proceeds go to charity: ‘Terre des Hommes’. Their mission is to protect children by preventing and stopping child exploitation. Visit to learn more of what they do.

Vincent van Gogh photo award

Main competition

Student award

For students up to 23 years old

Company award

Join in with your company

Thanks to: van Gogh Museum – Amsterdam, Visit Brabant, Provincie Brabant, Gemeente Nuenen, Van Gogh Village Museum – Nuenen, Sint Lucas – Boxtel and Rotary Club Nuenen

The theme for this edition:

En route

Think‘out of the box’ like Vincent van Gogh did at the time and surprise everyone! Let the camera be your brush and join in!


Terre des Hommes:

Mission: We fight against child abuse, sexual exploitation, child trafficking, child labor and provide emergency aid. Terre des Hommes prevents children from being exploited, takes children out of exploitative situations and ensures that these children can develop in a safe environment.

We do this together with family, environment and other organizations. Join the fight.

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2nd place

Vincent Photo Awards

€ 500,-

Student Awards

€ 250,-


1st place

Vincent Photo Awards

€ 1000,-

Student Awards

€ 500,-


3rd place

Vincent Photo awards

€ 250,-

Student Awards

€ 100,-


Vincent van Gogh Photo award

Calling all photographers worldwide! Join our photo contest with the theme ‘En Route’! Whether you capture the hustle and bustle of city streets, the serene beauty of nature trails, or the unforgettable people and moments of travel, this is your opportunity to showcase your creativity and stories through the lens.

Don’t miss the chance to win fantastic prizes and global recognition for your talent. The winner will receive 1000 euros. The other photographers on the podium will receive 500 euros and 250 euros.


#EnRoutePhotoContest #CaptureTheJourney

Vincent van Gogh Student award

Photography students and emerging talents under 23, take notice! Are you ready to showcase your skills and creativity on a global stage? Join our exciting photo contest themed ‘En route’ and let your youthful perspective shine!

Whether you’re studying photography or just embarking on your creative journey, this is your chance to make a mark in the world of photography. Apart from eternal fame, there are great prizes to be won. The winner receives €500. The other photographers on the podium will receive €250 and €100.


#EnRoutePhotoContest #YoungTalent #CaptureTheJourney

Vincent van Gogh Photo Award