Award presentation & Exhibition

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Discover the Vincent van Gogh Photo Award, where creativity knows no bounds. Let Vincent’s ‘out of the box’ approach inspire you, and use your camera as a brush to astonish everyone. Photographers are challenged to submit their most inspiring and innovative images. Experience the creative diversity and uncover visual stories captured by talented photographers. Dive into the boundless world of photographic art!

Open air exhibition

From September 6 to September 28, 2025, the nominated photos will be exhibited in the public park in the center of Nuenen.

Discover the beauty of visual stories at our outdoor exhibition! Enchanting winning photos come to life in the picturesque Park in the heart of Nuenen, North Brabant. For three weeks, we invite you to wander among images that capture the beauty of everyday life. Be transported by the diverse perspectives and moments shared by photographers. The natural setting of the park provides the perfect backdrop for this unique outdoor exhibition, telling the story of talent and creativity. Welcome to our visual journey, where every photo tells a story of its own, captured and shared through the lens of local and international artists!