About us

Vincent van Gogh Photo Award is an activity of Stichting Service Project Rotary Nuenen (RSIN: 8162 91 925).

Board composition

Judith Tesser – Chairwoman
Pieter Snoeijen – Secretary
Nicole Geven – Treasurer

Remuneration policy

Everything is done on a voluntary basis. Only verifiable costs will be reimbursed.


Initiating or supporting aid projects with the generation and provision of funds, labor and knowledge

Policy plan

Vincent van Gogh Photo Award

An international photo competition is organized every two years: The Vincent van Gogh Photo Award. This will be concluded with an exhibition of the approx. 50 nominated photos. More than 1000 photographers from more than 80 countries participated in the 2023 edition. The next edition will be in 2025.

The work is carried out by members of the Rotary Club Nuenen

“Kunst met een grote T”

Every two years, an art exhibition is organized in living rooms and public buildings in Nuenen: “”Kunst met een grote T”. The last edition was in 2022. It concerns the exhibition of works of art by local (amateur) artists.

The work is carried out by the members of Rotary Club Nuenen